ISLB 2023


Pashtoon Kasi

Pashtoon Kasi: USA
Categories: Invited Speakers

I am oncologist and researcher focused on treating patients with gastrointestinal cancers and other solid tumors using novel clinical trials and therapies. My focus has been on understanding the genomics and genetics of the underlying cancer and the person affected by it in order to help treat these cancers in a more personalized fashion. This is often referred to as precision medicine or precision oncology. My research and incorporation of other non-invasive tests like circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) testing (often referred to as “liquid biopsies”) allows me to not only understand the genetic makeup of every patient that we see, but also to study the changes over time to identify the best treatments for my patients, including clinical trials with novel drugs as single agents or combinations (targeted therapies, immunotherapy, biologics, vaccines, etc.) besides or in addition to the traditional chemotherapy. It is an exciting time to be an oncologist and scientist in the field of oncology and cancer care.