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Ola Khorshid

Ola Khorshid: Egypt
Categories: Invited Speakers
Dr. Ola M. Reda Khorshid
MD. PhD Prof of Medical Oncology NCI Cairo University
Dr Ola Khorshid is currently the department Chair of the Medical Oncology Department NCI Cairo University.
Prof. of Medical Oncology, Malignant Hematology & BMT, Medical Oncology Department NCI, Cairo University
She is the Chairman & Founder of Millennium HealthCare institution Chairman of Onco thoracic International Clinical Association OnTiC Cofounder of Orchid Oncology Center
Secretary General of the Mediterranean Multidisciplinary Oncology Forum (MMOF) She received her master (1998) and PhD (2004) degrees in medical oncology and hematological malignancies from the NCI Cairo University. She has been ESMO certified since 2006
She has trained in MD Anderson Cancer center 2002 and was a Post Doctoral Fellow in MDAnderson Cancer center, Blood and Marrow transplant department,
Developer of Medical oncology curriculum for Medical Oncology Fellowship for the Egyptian Fellowship Board 2008
She is an examiner in the Master & PhD degree of Medical Oncology Cairo University.
She is also an examiner for the Kenyan oncology board.
She was Secretary General of the Egyptian Hemato Oncology Group (EHOG) 2008-2011
She was the clinical instructor and Medical oncologist at Dar Al Fouad Hospital during the period from August 2004 to June 2005: was the person in charge of
developing the SOP and all requirements for the Joint Committee of International Accreditation
She is the winner of the Cairo University Achievement Award for 2011
Dr Khorshid is currently an assistant editor of MEDITERRANEAN ONCOLOGY JOURNAL –M.O.J
She has numerous international publications in SCT, hematological malignancies and solid tumor.
Her main research interest is in Lung, GU, Breast Cancer, GIT malignancies,Lymphoma, Leukemia & BMT