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Evi Lianidou

Evi Lianidou: Greece
Categories: Invited Speakers
Dr. Evi Lianidou is Professor of Analytical Chemistry and Clinical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece. Dr Lianidou has established a Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory focused on Liquid Biopsy at the Department of Chemistry since 1998 ( Her lab is specializing in the Liquid Biopsy Analysis, Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells (ACTC) and cell-free DNA, and has access to many patient samples through extensive clinical collaborations. Her main research interests are on the development and clinical evaluation of: a) single-plex and multiplex quantitative RT-qPCR assays for the detection and molecular characterization of CTCs, b) multiplex assays for gene expression in CTCs based on the liquid bead array (LUMINEX platform), c) DNA methylation assays in CTCs and ctDNA, d) highly sensitive assays for mutation analysis in CTCs and in ctDNA, and e) evaluation of circulating miRNAs as tumor biomarkers in plasma. Dr. Lianidou has 166 publications ( and has organized six international meetings on liquid biopsy: a) the 7th International Symposium on Minimal Residual Disease in Athens, ( , b) the 1st “Advances in Circulating Tumor Cells: From Basic Research to Clinical Practice” (, c) the 2nd ACTC meeting, (October 8th-11th, 2014), in Crete, Greece (, d) the 3rd ACTC meeting, (October 4th-7th, 2017), in Rhodes, Greece (, the 4th ACTC meeting in Corfu, Greece (, and the 5th ACTC meeting, Kalamata, Greece, ( Prof Lianidou is PI in the European TRANSCAN group “PROLIPSY” and took part in the EU IMI Network Project “CANCER-ID” ( Dr Lianidou is an elected Board member of the European Association of Cancer Research (EACR), a member of the European Liquid Biopsy Society (ELBS), and serves on the Editorial Boards of many international journals. Dr. Lianidou served International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) as an elected member and Chair of the Committee for Clinical Molecular Biology Curriculum (2014-2019, ( and since 2020 is an elected member of the IFCC Committee on Task Force on Global Lab Quality (TF-GLQ), (